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You should make sure the solar power battery will fit. Check the physical dimensions of the new solar power battery with that of your original battery.
You also need to consider what the required power is for the solar power battery application.
Battery capacity is listed in amp-hours at a given voltage, e.g. 220 amp-hours at 6 volts.  Manufacturer's typically rate batteries at a 20 hour rate: 
        220 amp-hour battery will deliver 11 amps for 20 hours.
This rating is designed only as a means to compare different batteries to the same standard and is not to be taken as a performance guarantee.  Batteries are electrochemical devices sensitive to climate, charge/discharge cycle history, temperature and age.  The performance of your battery depends on climate, location and usage patterns.  

There are several factors that contribute to the failure of solar power batteries. Excessive heat causes corrosion, which can dry out the solar power battery cell. Extreme cold weather can sometimes put a heavier drain on solar power batteries. This can be a primary contributor to solar power battery failure. Also, if a solar power battery is not securely held down in a certain device, vibrations can shed the active material from the solar power battery plate grids. This may cause failure in most batteries for solar power. Overcharging a solar power battery may cause overheating. Although typically a prolonged process, overcharging can eventually cause solar power batteries to depreciate. Other possible factors that can cause solar power batteries to fail include corroded terminals, sulfation due to inactivity, or electrical shorts in the solar power battery itself. These are just some of the common causes of solar power battery failure. Solar power batteries can vary in composition, which can influence how solar power batteries depreciate.

Proper charging of solar power batteries is important. While the solar power battery charger or solar power battery maintainer is still unplugged, connect the leads to the proper (+)(-) terminals. Wiggle the solar power battery connectors to ensure a good connection. Adjust the settings on the solar power battery charger for correct voltage and amperage. Now you can plug in the solar power battery charger and turn it on. While charging solar power batteries in a well-ventilated area, periodically check on the solar power battery for any obvious signs of solar power battery charging malfunctions. Make sure that while charging solar power batteries that there is no signs of overheating. If the solar power battery is too hot to touch or if the solar power battery is gassing profusely, turn the charger off immediately. Once the solar power battery is fully charged, turn the charger off, unplug it from the wall and unhook the solar power battery charging cables. Always use caution when charging solar power batteries.

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